CODRACO Represents HEUFT since 2009

More than 25 equipment installed in Guatemala in the beer and CSD industry

  • Inspectors of full container
  • Inspectors of empty containers
  • Insperctores level
  • Lid and label
  • Control of line
  • Control of sealing
  • Control of boxes
  • Classifiers




High quality energy efficient in bottling lines





Functions of the subsidiaries HEUFT




Functions of subsidiaries HEUFT, Sales of equipment and spare parts, Development of projects, Technical Service, Specialized Training.



Why buy HEUFT equipment?


  • We have the largest development department on the market.
  • All systems are modular and can be extended for future inspections.
  • The computers are threaded under a Linux platform, which facilitates the upgrades of the equipment.
  • It is possible to have the HEUFT HLAN network technology, which means that there is communication between HEUFT inspectors and plant computers or offices through a network.
  • We have the only Entertainment Center in America




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