Wood Group Pratt & Whitney (WGPW)

Is the leader in the overhaul of GG4, FT4 gas generators, free turbines, and other aero derivative turbines, in addition to providing FT4 spare parts and technical support. In-house capabilities at this dedicated engine and free turbine facility includes, overhaul and repair, inspections, modular maintenance and component and control repairs. Significant experience with GG3, GG4, FT4 overhaul and repair services has positioned WGPW as an industry leader.



The Inspection Department is equipped with the latest in non-destructive testing (NDT) and measurement technology.

Wood Group Pratt & Whitney’s experience and technical expertise, together with original design and manufacturing specifications gives the best GG3, GG4, FT4 support in the industry.






Wood Group Pratt & Whitney LLC is a comprehensive service provider of fuel control repairs, modifications, and upgrades to Pratt & Whitney equipment. The Wood Group Pratt & Whitney controls group maintains an extensive inventory of parts and replacement units for the Hamilton Standard SPC2A, 2B, 2D, 2E, and H Fuel Controls and Subassemblies, including Speed Relay Assemblies and Vibration Monitors.   




Wood Group Pratt & Whitney currently operates from facilities totaling over a 150,000 square feet. WGPW has grown in both capability and capacity while establishing a solid reputation as a customer oriented, quality conscious and cost competitive service organization..


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